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Welcome to MJF Equestrian. We offer breaking, schooling, competition and sales livery for your ypung sports horse. We specialise in young horses being produced with their competitive career in mind. We can also help you sourcing your next competitive partner and support you with your riding.

About me

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Based at Chestnut Tree Farm in Somerby, offering breaking, schooling, competition and sales livery. I am also available for coaching at my base. I am a UKCC coach and an accredited professional rider and trainer through the German Federation (FN).

I am an experienced and sympathetic rider who has previously worked in Eventing, Racing, Dressage and on Stud Farms. Having grown up in Germany, I have learnt to ride according to the classical standards, which makes me a soft but effective and versatile rider. Before establishing MJF, I have worked with horses all over the globe, starting in Germany with dressage horses, Australia in racing, in America focused on jumpers and eventers, finally ending up in England where I have been focusing on my eventing career, currently competing up to BE Novice level/ BS Newcomers/ BD Medium. My extensive knowledge of the horse world all over the continent  means that I am adaptable to each individual, drawing on my experience from the different systems I have worked in. 

What do I offer?

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Professional, structured and sympathetic approach to your horse's first steps under saddle



Preparation and competing of your young horse in all three disciplines




Matchmaking for horse and rider - for a longlasting partnership



Looking to upgrade a specific area of your young horse's education? Wanting to solidify a new movement? Or needing help addressing an issue? Get in touch for more details

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